Where Are The Boundaries?

The Land Registry follows a rule of 'general boundaries'. This means that the exact boundary line of a property is undetermined and the Land Registry Title Plan only indicates the general location of the property boundary. The exact boundary will be within the vicinity of the red line, but it is not guaranteed to be [...]

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How to read your Title Plan

As with the Title Register, we regularly receive questions relating to the Title Plan. The following guide answers questions such as: Is this Title Plan up to date? What scale is the plan drawn to? What is the 'proceeding notes page'? We have therefore created a guide which demonstrates how a Title Plan should be read to [...]

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Is my Title Register/Title Plan up to date?

Quite often, customers will ask if they can be sure that they are looking at the most up to date Land Registry documents available. We obtain documents at the time the order is placed (it would be impossible for us to keep a stash of out of date documents for every registered property!), so we [...]

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Why is my lease not in my name?

We often get asked this question - why does the lease have someone else' name on it? The answer is fairly straightforward; when you purchase a leasehold property, you do not sign a new lease. The procedure is simply that ownership of the property is transferred to the purchaser (in this case you), who becomes [...]

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How to read your Title Register

We often get asked questions regarding the Title Register such as: Is this the most up to date version? Who is the owner of the property? When did the owner acquire the property? Are there any mortgages registered against the property? We have therefore created a guide which demonstrates how a Title Register should be [...]

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Which document do I need…?

There are numerous documents held and maintained by the Land Registry; each one serving a different purpose to the others.   I want to know who the current owner of a property is, and how to contact them > Title Deeds or Title Register   I want to know the boundaries of a property > Title [...]

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Proving ownership of a property, the official way

To officially prove ownership of a property, you will require Official Copies of the register and title plan; these are what people commonly refer to as title deeds because they are the irrefutable proof of ownership of a property. Note, this only applies to registered property. To obtain these from the Land Registry, a member [...]

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Who is responsible for maintaining boundary structures?

There is no 'standard' rule relating to the maintenance of boundary structures that is legally binding on property owners in the UK. Boundary structures are fences, hedges, garden walls or any other physical feature which act to separate one property from another. There are 2 very important details that you need to be aware of, [...]

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What does it mean if a property is ‘unregistered’?

'Unregistered' with regards to a land registry search in the UK simply means that the land is not registered with HM Land Registry (in England and Wales) or Registers of Scotland (in Scotland) or the N.Ireland Land Registry (in N.Ireland). It does not mean that the land is not owned by anyone, and it does [...]

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