About LandRegistry-Deeds.co.uk

LandRegistry-Deeds.co.uk is an independent UK company providing title documents and deeds. We are not affiliated with the Land Registry or the UK Government. We feel this is our biggest advantage; Government departments are slow and cumbersome. The majority of Land Registry searches that we can fulfil within the hour can only be obtained by members of the public direct from the Land Registry via a postal application.

We do not simply provide copy documents, we provide value added services as well as documents that members of the public cannot obtain from the Land Registry website.

Compare our services

  • Assistance to ensure that you search the right property
Yes            No
  • Order online 24 hours a day
Yes            No
  • Documents sent direct to you via email
Yes            No
  • Official Copies of the register (OC1) without postal application
Yes   No (title view only)
  • Official Copies of the title plan (OC1) without postal application
Yes   No (plan view only)
  • Leases, conveyances, transfers & deeds within the hour and without postal application
Yes            No
  • Facility to accept bulk applications easily
Yes            No