There are numerous documents held and maintained by the Land Registry; each one serving a different purpose to the others.


I want to know who the current owner of a property is, and how to contact them

> Title Deeds or Title Register


I want to know the boundaries of a property

> Title Deeds or Title Plan


I want to know how much was paid for a property, or if there is a mortgage on it and who the lender is

> Title Deeds or Title Register


I want to know who owned a property on a certain date in the past

> Historical Copy of the Register


I want to know what rights/restrictions/obligations affect a property

> Title Deeds and Filed Deeds (or Title Deeds and Lease if leasehold property)


I want to know who is responsible for maintaining a fence/boundary wall

> Read this first! then order here > Title Deeds and Filed Deeds


I want information on a piece of land that doesn’t have a postal address

> Title Register and Title Plan via Map Search


Using our advice above is usually the quickest way to get the facts you need but every property is different, and the information available varies considerably.