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By using our online services, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

We are an independent company not affiliated or connected in any way with Land Registry (formerly HM Land Registry). The documents that we provide are official copies as held at the Land Registry. We are not responsible for any errors, omissions or low quality imaging within the documentation which is provided “as is”. We shall not be liable to any party for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from your use of or interpretation of or reliance on the documents we provide or their contents.

Upon receipt of your documents, you can contact us with any questions regarding your documents. Any advice we give is not legal advice, it is merely an explanation of various terms and provisions that are to be found in your documents.

When you make a purchase, you are acknowledging that the payment you make to us includes two elements; one element is for our service in identifying the property, searching the Land Registry records, identifying the registration status of the property, identifying the correct title number and identifying a list of available documents held at the Land Registry. The other element is for the provision of the documents themselves, which we pay the Land Registry for.

Where our search reveals that a property is not registered, or that it is registered but the specific document you have requested does not exist or is not held by the Land Registry, we will refund all money paid to us less £9.95 plus VAT which is the cost of our search services alluded to above. If we are able to supply some but not all of the documents, refunds will be provided for the items not provided, equal to the amount that we would have paid the Land Registry for those documents, had they been available.

When you place an order we will check the details and contact you if we cannot identify the property or land being searched on. When we have verified the correct property or land details, we will search the Land Registry for the documents you have requested and send the same to you via email in PDF format (or by post where the documents are not available in PDF format), or notify you of the results of our search if the requested documents do not exist.

We do not produce or maintain the documents that we provide, we supply them ‘as is’ from the Land Registry. If you notice an error in a document, we have no power to make corrections ourselves however we will advise on you the correct procedure to rectify the mistake.

Nothing stated in the comments box will amend these terms and conditions; nor will comments override the selection of products ordered (e.g. only the documents paid for will be supplied, even if the comments request additional documents); The comments are merely to provide additional information which may assist with processing order your. If you require something which is not explicitly offered, please simply contact us and ask if we can assist  – do not place an order for a different document.


Title Registers show the current owner and current mortgage details only – not previous owners or previous mortgages. We cannot provide a full list of past owners or mortgages.

It is possible to obtain an old version of the title register – it is called an “historic copy” of the register or HC1, however these can only be obtained by a postal application direct from HM Land Registry and is not something we can provide online. The application form to order an historic copy can be found here, along with fee details and the address to send the application.

The Land Registry does not have measurements/dimensions of titles, therefore we cannot provide this information. More information on this can be found here.

The Land Registry does not maintain information on when a property was built or how it was constructed. If you need building information (date of construction, original layout, build plans, etc.) you will need to consult the Local Authority serving the property.

Title documents are not intended to provide a history of a title, the Land Registry does not seek to establish historic ownership, and so old documents are only filed where those documents contain rights/restrictions/covenants/other legal matters which still affect the property today. The aim is to reduce the number of documents that a person needs to review in order to make informed decisions relating to the legal issues surrounding a property. Keeping copies of every previous deed would frustrate that aim, as most previous deeds contain nothing of legal relevance that a current owner is affected by. Thus the Land Registry does not retain all deeds, only those which continue to have some legal relevance and only where the relevant provisions cannot simply be reproduced on the title register.


You have a right to cancel your order within 14 days under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (the ‘statutory cancellation period’), unless the provision of the service has already commenced.

The Regulations provide that a trader must not begin providing the services contracted for before the end of the statutory cancellation period without an express instruction from the customer to do so. When you place an order with us, you do so in the knowledge that we process most orders within 60 minutes. You therefore acknowledge that your order is, in itself, an express instruction for us to begin providing the service before the end of statutory cancellation period.

Provision of the service commences when we either (1) send the documents to you by email to the email address stated on your order (regardless as to whether our email is accepted by your email service provider), (2) attempt to locate the property/document required but have to request further information from you, or (3) request the documents from the Land Registry which have to be manually processed.

If you request cancellation after the commencement of the service provision in scenario (2) or (3) above, we may (in our absolute discretion) provide a part refund in an amount that we deem reasonable having regard to the circumstances.

Cancellation requests must be made by either replying to the confirmation email received when an order is placed, or via this page on our website. Please include the order number or details of the order (including property address and documents requested) on all cancellation requests.

Delivery Times

We will endeavour to complete orders within 1 hour of receipt Monday – Friday during working hours, provided that the Land Registry Business Portal is operational but during exceptionally busy periods the processing of orders may take longer so please allow until the end day if you placed your order during working hours (or the start of the next working day if orders placed after working hours). On weekends, we will endeavour to deliver orders on the day placed but they may not be delivered until Monday morning. If you require an order urgently at any time, please simply send us a message and we will comply wherever possible.

Orders may be delayed in the following circumstances:

  • Where the Land Registry systems are unavailable;
  • Where due to circumstances outside of our control, we are unable to send, or you are unable to receive, emails;
  • Where the requested documents are not available electronically on the Land Registry Business Portal and require manual processing (and in such case they will be sent to you on the same day that we receive them from the Land Registry);
  • Where the property is unregistered and therefore no documents are available.

Customers must report any non-delivered orders within within 28 days as all documents are automatically purged from our servers at this point.

Reliance on Information Provided by You

We rely on the information you provide in order to locate the correct property. In the case of a conflict between information you provide, we will implement the following hierarchy: Title number provided by customer takes precedence over address provided by customer, which takes precedence over postcode provided by customer. If you wish for us to adopt a different hierarchy, please specify in the comments box (e.g. “title number may not be correct so please rely on address”).

Title Selection

If you do not specify a tenure for the property (freehold, leasehold, etc), we will select the superior title that covers the individual property. So for example, if you entered “flat 5, Charter Court”, and our search revealed a freehold and a leasehold title, we would decide which title to supply as follows:

1.) If  the freehold title is for the entire block of Charter Court but the leasehold title related to flat 5 only, we would supply the leasehold title because that is the superior title that relates to flat 5 and only flat 5.

2.) However, if we found that the freehold title related to flat 5 only AND the leasehold title related to flat 5 only, we would supply the freehold title, as a freehold title is superior to a leasehold title.

If you specify a tenure, we will always supply what is specified.

Multiple Titles Revealed

Each order relates to one Land Registry title (unless you select and pay for multiple properties on the order page). We will always provide the documents for the title matching the property described in the order. If you notify us upon receipt that you also require documents for a second title connected with the first, you will be given the option to purchase the second title at a discount.

Order of Individual Filed Deeds

The individual filed deed option is the order of ONE deed which is registered against the selected property. If you specify the document you require, we will provide it so long as the Land Registry have a copy of the same. If the document doesn’t exist, your order will be refunded in accordance with our policy above. If the words, ‘title deeds’ or similar are entered by the customer in the document description box, we will assume that you require the ownership documents (basic Title Deeds package) and we will provide the title register and plan instead. This a result of extensive testing which has shown that customers using those words are looking for title deeds rather than a specific registered deed and have confused the terminology. Please be as specific as possible in the document description box to avoid ambiguity.

Order of Comprehensive Title Deeds Package

The “*” denotes that this type of order is subject to a fair use policy. That is to say that where the property has more than 4 deeds filed and available, extra charges (£5 per additional deed) will apply for the additional deeds. We will attempt to supply transfers, conveyances and deeds as a priority over leases and charges. If there are specific documents that you require then please state in the comments box on your order. It is extremely rare that a residential property has more than 3 deeds filed, so this exclusion is only likely to affect large commercial properties with multiple leases.

Map Search

The map search product is designed for use in cases where the target land has no fixed postal address that it can be identified by. The location of the red pin will be the definitive point of location for our search and any documents provided will be for the title number relating to the land that the red pin location falls within. If you have a postal address, please use the standard order pages and not the map search feature.

You agree to pay the fee for the service provided to you. All services must be paid for in advance.

Nothing stated on this website shall constitute legal advice.

By using our service, you will also be bound, in so far as they apply, by the Land Registry terms and conditions applicable to use of Land Registry documents.

Documents To Be Delivered By Post

All documents are provided in PDF format by email only – we are generally unable to provide hard copies on paper.

The only exception to this is where we request a document from the Land Registry and we are advised that it can only be issued to us in paper format (such as large title plans and very long leases). In these cases, we can only provide the document on paper as received by us and we will be unable to provide a PDF version.

Where we advise you that a title plan or other document can only be delivered to you by post, we will ask for a postal correspondence address to send it to. We will send this request only once. If you do not reply to our request for your correspondence address within 28 days, we may dispose of the document and a charge may be levied if you require a replacement.

Duplicate Orders

Please note, we do not have any specific system in place to recognise duplicate orders. Orders are fulfilled in the order they are received and so where an order is placed in duplicate immediately after the first, we will usually notice this and assume it is a mistake, thus refunding the duplicated order.

However, where a customer orders documents and then at a later time/day returns to order the same documents again, we are unlikely to notice. We will therefore fulfil the order as intended.

When ordering a package of documents, it is important to read the description of the package and ensure that it does not include documents that you have already purchased from us (e.g. ordering the comprehensive title deeds package when you previously purchased the title register and plan). If it does, please contact us and ask us to upgrade your original order instead. If you fail to do this, and order the advertised package, we will supply all documents in that package and the full price will be charged.

Ultimately, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they do not order documents that are not required as we cannot refund orders once processed.

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To do this:
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Under Junk e-mail, click Safe senders.
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