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Title Deeds from just £19.95

Title Deeds are the documents that prove legal title to a property. We offer a basic and a comprehensive Title Deeds package. The basic package consists of a Title Register & Plan only. For an example, please see the Title Register/Plan samples below.

The comprehensive package consists of the Title Register, Title Plan and other types of deeds which are registered/filed against the property’s title number at the Land Registry. These ‘other’ deeds are the ancillary documents which detail the rights and obligations affecting the property such as transfers, conveyances, easements, etc. There is a sample conveyance to the right.

If you already have your Title Register you may have noticed that it refers to rights or covenants stated in a particular deed; we can supply just that deed on its own. If a deed is referred to in the Title Register, and noted as “copy filed” or “original filed”, it can usually be obtained within the hour.


Leases just £18.95.

The lease is a key document in understanding the rights and obligations that go with owning a leasehold property. The lease will usually contain additional estate plans, parking plans, plans of common parts and service charge provisions.

Many disputes between tenants and managing agents can be avoided if both parties are fully aware of the terms of the lease. Usually in excess of 50 pages, the lease contains the most mundane details such as the exact depth of internal wall that the tenant is responsible for maintaining, or the precise boundaries of common areas that fall within the managing agent’s remit for repair and maintenance. Lengthy disagreements can  be stopped before they start.

Available within the hour.


Land Registry searches by map just £24.95.

If you don’t know the postal address of the property or land that your order relates to, simply drop a pin on the map below at the desired location and we will identify the registered titles affected.

We can supply the requested documents within the hour.


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