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Land Registry Deeds


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OC2 Land Registry documents are any deeds/documents which are filed against the property’s title number at the Land Registry. These documents can be anything, but a common example is the ancillary documents which detail the rights and obligations affecting the property such as transfers, conveyances, easements, etc. There is a sample conveyance to the right. Please note, as the range of documents that may be filed against a title is so large, the actual form of the document will vary greatly.

If a deed is referred to in the Title Register, and noted as “copy filed” or “original filed”, it is an OC2 document and can usually be obtained within the hour.

We refer to OC2 documents as ‘Filed Deeds’ on our order page.


Leases just £24.95.

Leases are also OC2 documents.

The lease is a key document in understanding the rights and obligations that go with owning a leasehold property. The lease will usually contain additional estate plans, parking plans, plans of common parts and service charge provisions.

Many disputes between tenants and managing agents can be avoided if both parties are fully aware of the terms of the lease. Usually in excess of 50 pages, the lease contains the most mundane details such as the exact depth of internal wall that the tenant is responsible for maintaining, or the precise boundaries of common areas that fall within the managing agent’s remit for repair and maintenance. Lengthy disagreements can  be stopped before they start.

We have a separate order page for leases as they are one of the most popular types of OC2 documents.

Land Registry Search Solutions

We are not affiliated with the Land Registry or the Government. We have a commercial account with the Land Registry that allows us to perform Land Registry searches, giving us instant access to 98% of Land Registry documents for all 28 million registered properties in England and Wales.

Land Registry (HM Land Registry) is a non-ministerial Government department created in 1862 to maintain the land register of England and Wales. Land Registry records ownership of land and property, in addition to other ancillary property information, in its land register.

Like land registration organisations in other countries, Land Registry guarantees title to registered estates and interests in land. It records the ownership rights of freehold properties, and leasehold properties where the lease has been granted for a term exceeding seven years.

Land Registry receives no government funding, being required to ensure that its income covers expenditure, and finances itself from registration and search fees.

We can obtain documents that members of the public either need to order by post or simply can’t order at all. We also assist you in locating the correct property and the correct documents if you are unsure of what you need. And we have experienced property lawyers on hand available to help you understand your documents.

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