You have been directed to this page to select the property location on a map. This is usually necessary when the address you provided does not match any entries in the land register.


  • STEP 1: Enter an address near to the target location to get the map to the correct general area
  • STEP 2: Zoom in and drag the red marker to the target location. If you switch to the satellite map, ensure that you are in 'birds eye' view and not 3D view by pressing the button with 4 black squares on the right hand edge of the map (where applicable). We will search the EXACT location of the red marker, so please be precise with its positioning.
  • Enter any additional information that may help us select the correct property
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  • STOP - Have you dragged the red marker to the exact location of the property/land in question?

    If you have not, you could end up with the wrong title and no refunds will be provided. Please drag the red marker to the correct location.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.